Public Assistance

Under specific conditions and subject to eligibility criteria, the State of New Jersey provides public assistance funds to support the payment of funeral expenses for individuals in need.

These funds are accessible through the Department of Human Services (DHS) and are overseen by the board of social services (county welfare authority) in the county where the deceased person resided at the time of their passing.

Arranging a Public Assistance Funeral

To arrange a public assistance funeral, contact our funeral home to notify us of the death and inform the funeral director that the decedent may be eligible for a public assistance funeral.

  • The funeral director will request the decedent’s complete name, Social Security number, and home address at the time of death.
  • We will reach out to the county board of social services to determine the decedent’s eligibility and seek “conditional” approval for public assistance funeral funds.
  • The funeral director will then proceed with the arrangements, adhering to the guidelines set forth for public assistance planning.

Public Assistance Funeral Funds Limits

New Jersey public assistance funeral/burial reimbursement rates are listed in the chart below.

*Following preliminary determination by a County Welfare Agency. It may be determined that the funeral home and cemetery will receive less than what is allowed. There is no guarantee that the funeral homes and cemeteries will receive maximum amounts.

Chart Explanation

  • Funeral: This represents the maximum amount the state will provide for the funeral home services.
  • Cemetery/Crematory: The maximum amount the state will pay for the cemetery/crematory portion.
  • Combined Funeral/Cemetery: The maximum amount the state will cover for the complete funeral (funeral and cemetery/crematory portions).
  • Supplementation Allowed: This refers to the maximum dollar amount that can be contributed by family and friends in addition to the state’s payment for funeral home or cemetery/crematory expenses.
  • Maximum Permitted: This represents the highest amount the state will provide for a public assistance funeral, considering both the state’s contribution and the maximum permitted contribution from family and friends.


  • Cash in a bank account
  • Cash in a nursing home personal needs account (PNA);
  • Securities, real estate, antique furniture and automobiles;
  • Life insurance proceeds or death/funeral benefits, irrespective of the beneficiary (except for refunded premiums).
  • Any money paid to or owed to the deceased, both before and after their passing.


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